At Sun Dazed, we strive to provide our clients with the most optimal tanning experience possible, with our friendly and knowledgeable staff and our competitive prices. Swing by our Salon and treat yourself.
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*Must be 18 or older to tan. Tanning wavier required before first session. Sun Dazed withholds the right to refuse services to any client for any reason if found necessary.




Build a perfect base tan by pairing lower intensity lamps with a higher concentration of UVB rays for optimum melanin production.


VIP 42

Room 3

This is a salon favorite located in room 3. It's sleek design and comfort curved acrylics make for the optimal base building bed.


Take your base tan to the next level with more intense lamps with a greater concentration of UVA rays that darken your base melanin for deeper, darker more beautiful color.

This package includes all

Horizon and Dazed level beds


KBL 4800

Room 2

The KBL 4800 introduces a tanning experience that is pure pleasure.  This Premier Bed is like tanning 3-5 times in a level 1 or 2 bed delivering faster, time saving results. 

  • (2x) P2 Boosting lamps for added wellness

  • Adjustable Facial Output

  • Adjustable Body Fan


Keep it dark. Deepen and maintain your color with maximum bronzing rays. Bigger beds and shorter tan times.

Superior bronzing, Longest lasting tan. Some beds include body misters and aroma to take your tanning experience to a  spa. like level.

This package includes all UV Tanning Beds


KBL 6800 Pearl

Room 12

The KBL 6800 is one of the most sophisticated tanning bed in the industry. This unique bed helps you to achieve the perfect tan specific for your skin type through its cutting edge IntelliSun technology. This amazing and unique feature allows you to select specific UV settings based on your particular pigmentation level, preventing your skin from ever reaching a tanning plateau